Millwork Services Available

  1. Services1Design Consultation – Our experienced estimators and project managers are skilled professionals who can advise on a wide range of material and design options. Collaborative problem-solving through thoughtful and creative approaches to solutions is an extra benefit to doing business with us.
  2. Value Engineering – Meeting the needs of budget conscious owners is often a requirement in today’s construction market. We represent a reliable source for alternative cost-saving approaches to millwork requirements that don’t sacrifice quality or appearance, which can be critical to keeping a project within budget.
  3. Submittals and Mock Up – We understand that the timely submission of material samples is critical to keeping the project on schedule. We are also prepared to expedite the manufacture of a prototype for the architect and owner’s review and approval.
  4. Production – State-of-the-art software and equipment, along with a workforce of veteran plant personnel, allow us to produce products of unsurpassed quality that always meet or exceed AWI standards. Extensive cross-training of workers has increased our flexibility to shift plant personnel as job schedules change and production schedules for different products shift.
  5. Project Management – Our project team, comprised of a designer, engineer and project manager, start the process with the timely submission of shop drawings that clearly provide necessary detail of the millwork requirements. Upon receipt of approved shop drawings and submittals, the engineer creates machine code and material lists that drive the manufacturing process. The project manager orchestrates the coordination of production with required delivery times and oversees the installation process.
  6. Installation – Experienced crews accomplish the final step, while maintaining close coordination with other trades and having a keen eye for the smallest detail. There is a special effort to see that any punch list item receives prompt attention.




If you have any questions about our millwork services, or would like to know more about our products, feel free to contact us today!