Stephenson Millwork Company, Inc. - A Millwork Industry Force Since 1946 – Stephenson Millwork

A Millwork Industry Force Since 1946 – Stephenson Millwork

A Millwork Industry Force Since 1946

In 1946, after leaving his father’s lumber business to focus on woodwork craftsmanship, Russell Stephenson built Stephenson Millwork. Along with the values set by Russell’s father and the firm belief that, “if you provide quality, quantity will follow,” Stephenson has flourished with their commitment to providing the highest-quality products in the millwork industry.

Stephenson Millwork began in a simple, 3,200-square-foot building in a cow pasture with only seven employees, and specialized in building cabinets. Due to the continuing success of their work, Stephenson has grown to a 100,000-square-foot plant with more than 100 employees.

Three Generations Later, Still Focused on Quality

Currently transitioning from Russell Stephenson Jr. to Lee Stephenson, Russell Stephenson’s grandson, our company has been directed by three generations of the Stephenson family. Of our current employees, more than a third of have been with Stephenson for 20 years or more. Our company truly has some of the most experienced workers in the industry, and with a family-owned and -operated model, you can be sure our business values and commitment to quality and reliability remain intact.

At the company’s 50th anniversary in 1995, then Governor Jim Hunt shared a story about an earlier mission trip to Japan. “I was out with people who had appreciation for wood products, buildings and things of that sort, and right there in the new development of the waterfront in Tokyo, Japan, guess whose name came up as doing some of the best millwork in the world? Stephenson Millwork. That’s a fact.”